10 Party Time


Hey everyone! We’ve made it 10 weeks! Mat and I are really happy that so many of you are listening in. According to our statistics we’re averaging about 72 downloads a week. Not bad when you consider there were only 40 people we thought might be listening. This is one of the last episodes we cut in half for the new format. Which is actually work

May 7, 1977 – July 9, 1977


Another episode that was kind of cut up to shorten the length. This was originally the first half of episode nine so forgive us if it sounds a bit choppy in the beginning and end. Mom gets a special present for mother’s day and parties it up! But she warns us not to overdo it when we start to party. Mom’s friend Candi goes through a break up and Mom almost gives into temptation herself but decides to work on her relationship before doing anything stupid. Uncle Allen, his wife and daughter move to Germany. Mom celebrates three years of marriage and we move into a house but have to move out soon after. And Grampa Bob announces his engagement to Charlotte.

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  1. Robin Zobrist. says:

    The speed she is talking about was cross tops back then. Little white pills. It made us clean house like crazy people. 🙂
    Candi sold Tupperware for a while. We would have a party which was you invite friends and you get credit for having the party and more credits for the sales at the party,,the credits would allow you to get free Tupperware. Only if you become a distributier do you get credit for what someone else sells. 🙂
    Back then the house we owned was a two story four bedroom house on a corner lot. We bought it for $7,000.00. A $30 thousand dollar house was quite a big deal. 🙂
    Love ya

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