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Not a whole lot happened in this month and a half of writing. Dad got a new job with Weaver Exterminators in Tri Cities, WA so we moved. Mom also ended up getting a job as a maid at a hotel. She talks a lot about getting a van, she was really obsessive about it too. From what I’ve seen in old TV shows vans were a big deal back then so I guess it’s no surprise she was into them. In this episode Mom says she’ll draw a floor plan of the apartment we were living in at the time, you’ll find a picture of that below. Mat and I hope you have all been enjoying listening to the episodes as much as we’ve enjoyed making them. It’s definitely a labor of love and we’re glad that there are those of you out there who are as interested in it as we are. In other news we finally have all of the perks ready for those of you that donated to the Indiegogo campaign. They should be mailed no later than Saturday, so if you contributed keep an eye on your mailbox. Enjoy!
















July 14, 1977 – August 30, 1977


We start this one on Mom’s 19th birthday then a new job moves us to Tri-Cities. She debates stopping when the notebook she was writing in gets full, obviously that didn’t happen. Mom also remembers more about the day she started writing the journal. She mentions a dog named Presto that I don’t recall her ever mentioning before but she doesn’t go into much detail on that one. She also starts planning out how to buy the van she’d been fantasizing about, almost obsessively. Finally, Mom gets a job.

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  1. Robin Zobrist. says:

    Hello boys, I realy enjoyed episode 11. It brought back a lot of good memory’s.
    Thank you for the book of poems and the book marks.
    I have to laugh when she said planned to save so much money. That was very hard for her to do. She liked to do what she wanted to do when she wanted to do it. I’m sure you remember that. Her and I were a lot a like in that area back then.
    Love you guys.

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