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In this one Mom mentions Mat getting a hold of the journal and expressing his creative side. He took picture of it for me to share so now you can see what a one year old can do with a pen. It’s not too terribly bad, I remember my son getting creative with my glasses at that age. You can only unbend those frames so many times before they break! There are a couple of sad notes in this one. Mom’s Grandpa Heffley passed away during this time. I know I met him a couple of times and I’ve included a picture of what I think was the last time I saw him. I was too young to remember it but he was obviously glad to see me. There used to be a picture of him with both Mat and I at this same visit but it seems to have gone missing from the photo album, sorry Mat. Another sad note is Mom talking about quitting smoking, it kind of got to Mat and I because she mentions her fear of what will happen if she doesn’t quit. On a brighter note I actually found a video on YouTube of a Kentucky Fried Chicken commercial from 1977. I’m including it below the picture of me and my Great Grandpa. We hope you guys are still enjoying the podcast. Be sure to comment if you want either at the bottom of the page, on our Facebook page or in an email to either Mat or myself. Take care everyone, enjoy!

Phillip and his Great Grandpa Heffley

1977 Kentucky Fried Chicken Commercial

September 11, 1977 – September 21, 1977


Another episode that covers about 10 days. I think we’re really getting into a grove here! We start this one eating Kentucky Fried Chicken, not KFC, this was before that. We also get accepted to move into the projects. Then Mom obsesses a little more about her dream van. She admits Mat’s the mean one then I admit why he was always mean. Big brother was a bit sneakier (and meaner) than she knew. On a slightly prophetic and really sad note, Mom talks about quitting smoking and wonders what will happen to her if she doesn’t. A little bit later she even talks about how she wants to die, quickly and quietly. She got part of her wish, it was quiet. She says she’ll never regret it if she never gets to see New York City, I think later in her life she was glad she got to go, she mentioned to us that she always had fun there. Mom’s Grandpa Heffley passed away around this time too. He was in Reno waiting for his son, my Grampa Bob, so he could attend the wedding between Grampa Bob and Charlotte. And then I prove to be the genius in the group by putting my shoes on the correct feet at three years old. I guess it didn’t take much to impress Mom!

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