14 Job Hunt


This episode is kind of shorter than expected, sorry about that everyone. Part of it was Skype, every once in a while it would speed my voice up or do something weird to mess with the recording quality. When Mat got done editing it and emailed it to me he said this:

“Weird thing, in some spots it sounds like you are talking super fast for just a few seconds. I think Skype was slow that day and was ‘catching up’ as we recorded. Anyway it’s not horrible, just noticeable.”

Just so you know, there’s an opportunity to play the drinking game in this one, just once but if you’re playing make sure you pay attention. Don’t forget to let Mat and I know how we’re doing by leaving comments either at the bottom of the page, on our Facebook page or by emailing Mat or myself. Enjoy!

red dodge van

September 23, 1977 – October 4, 1977


Mat and I got to play a lot but daily life in the 70’s was boring when you were unemployed and didn’t have hobbies. Mom took advantage of that though by growing houseplants and rearranging her living room. Around this time she also went on a major job hunting trek and applied for work all over the Tri Cities.

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