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New Feature: Billboard’s Hot 100 Number One at the time:
Debby Boone – You Light Up My Life
For the weeks of November 5 and November 12, 1977

Mom talks a lot about money in this one, hence the title. The toy truck is what my birthday present was that year, Mat got one too so it seemed important to include it in this one. Mat and I talk about the inflation rate between 1977 and now so Mat found a comparison calculator. I wanted to see what they would be paying in today’s dollars so here’s a break down.

Bill 1977 2013
Rent $141.00 $541.60
Car $63.57 $244.18
Credit Counselor $170.00 $652.99
Phone $20.00 $76.82
Groceries $150.00 $576.17
Totals $544.57 $2091.76

If you want to try the calculator out yourself you can find it here: Inflation Calculator

Oh, and that $500 stereo she mentions? $1920.57 in today’s money. I guess my electronics are about the same, but they don’t last as long as that stereo did!

Mom starts these entries talking about the Steve Miller Band concert that was in Pullman on November 4th. I’d bet that was another great show. She also mentions maybe going to see the Beach Boys in December, guess we’ll wait and see if they actually went. Here’s the full album if you’re interested in listening…

November 5, 1977 – November 14, 1977


Mom pays some bills, helps more friends move and goes to a Tupperware party. In all it’s just another week or so of life in the 70s. A little pot, a little coke, kids with crappy pants and another awesome concert, The Steve Miller Band this time. Mat and I also talk a little about what they paid back then compared to what we pay now and about how even though Mom talks a lot about the stress of not having money they still have a $500 stereo system. Priorities folks, gotta have ’em!

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