17 Thanksgiving


Billboard’s Hot 100 Number One at the time:
Debby Boone – You Light Up My Life
For the weeks of November 19, November 26, and December 3, 1977

So the picture for this one relates to a TV show I’d like to think Mat and I were allowed to watch on Thanksgiving. It was Hanna-Barbera’s 25th Anniversary show that aired on CBS Thanksgiving 1977. We were probably dead to the world by the time it came on TV but you never know! This episode also marks the first time Mom says anything about Mat having issues with his lungs. He eventually had to be placed in an oxygen tent for a while and his hair color changed because of it. Also, for the hell of it, I’ve added a couple of NBC commercials for shows that aired on Thanksgiving that year. Including a special called “Beatles Forever”, check it out in the second video below”

November 16 – December 6, 1977


Mom started this one with an announcement from Aunt Shannon. A new cousin was on the way! Mom hoped for a girl but it ended up being a boy, our cousin Keith (obviously several months later, we’ll get to it). Then Mom prepared for Phillip’s third birthday party. She also mentioned her worries about what smoking will eventually do to her. Phillip’s third birthday happened on a Tuesday and that Thursday was Thanksgiving it was celebrated in Hermiston where we “feasted on everything under the sun”. Gramma Cornwell was always a great cook. Mat’s trouble with bronchitis started around this time and there was talk of moving back to Pendleton.

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