18 Robin and John


Mat and I had a blast with this one. This is a very special episode for us. This is the same Robin you’ve all heard stories about in the Journal. She is also the sister of Mom’s friend Candi, the one that’s been mentioned several times now. We could have talked with them for hours and hours about Mom but cut it short (for this kind of conversation anyway) and are giving you about an hour and a half of our visit. Robin’s son Chris showed up part way through and shared a story or two about Mom as well. It was a great visit and we hope to do it again.

The audio quality on this one is not quite as good as we normally put out but there’s a good reason. We only had access to one microphone for the whole room when we recorded so it was a bit hollow sounding. A huge thanks to Mat for making it sound as good as it does, he really put a lot of work into it and it sounds much better than it did originally.

As I mentioned earlier, this episode is significantly longer than we normally put out. We could have split it up into two episodes but decided to put it all out at once and take a week off. That’s right, we’re taking a one week break. Sorry for that, schedules are a bit conflicted right now. Mat and I have a lot on our plates and we can’t seem to find enough time to get together and record. I will make a small post next week, just to remind you all that we’re still around, but the next episode won’t release until May 31st. That should give all of you enough time to listen to this super long episode and catch up on any old episodes you may have skipped.

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Special Episode


This is a special episode! Robin (one of Mom’s oldest friends) and her husband John were kind enough to sit down with us and talk about Mom. Robin talks about how they met waitressing together in Pendleton and we all reminisce about John coming into the picture. Robin’s son Chris even drops in part way through and relates some of his memories of Mom. We could have gone on for hours on this one, and we may go back visit them again when we get furthing into the podcast, but for now, enjoy!

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