21 Scraping By


Billboard’s Hot 100 Number One at the time:
Player – Baby Come Back
For the week of January 28, 1978
Bee Gees – Stayin’ Alive
For the week of February 4, 1978

The first thing I’d like to say is “Happy Anniversary” to my wife Sierra. We’re celebrating 11 years today. We were married in Lake Tahoe and had our reception in Reno. Mom was there and thoroughly enjoyed herself. She’s always told Mat and I that we were very lucky to find such beautiful women to accompany us in life. I’d have to say I agree, my wife is my best friend and I try to remember everyday to treat her with the love and respect I know Mom would want me to show her. Happy Anniversary Sierra! Now, on with the show!

Okay, I realize we never mention Star Wars in this episode (it had come out almost a year earlier) and I realize we never mention MAD Magazine either but I love this cover and it’s appropriate because it was the January 78 cover, so in my mind it fits. Mat and I talk a bit in this one about our goals for the first year. We’d like to put out around 50 episodes. I also say thanks to a listener in France, whom I believe is our Twitter follower @Bettina013.

January 26, 1978 – February 6, 1978


Mom interviewed for a job at the hospital and we talk about how her job search techniques didn’t change much over 30 years. She wrote about her fear of guns at the time, and then explains that it’s more just a fear of one of us getting hurt. We finally get moved into the house out in the country and Mat spends two days in the hospital with bronchitis. Mom talks about filing for bankruptcy and who she wants to take care of us if anything happened to her and dad.

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