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Billboard’s Hot 100 Number One at the time:
Bee Gees – Stayin’ Alive
For the week of February 18, 1978

This is actually two pictures I merged so I could get both Mat and I in the same picture. I look really excited about looking at whoever had the camera in a mirror. I guess I was easily amused. Like last week I’m not sure if this picture was taken anytime near where the Journal entries were made but it’s close so as my logic goes it’s appropriate.

Two weeks until our 25th Episode and Mom’s 55th Birthday! We don’t have anything special planned, it’s just nice that the two are coinciding with each other. On another note, Mat and I got a couple emails from a fan, it’s really nice to hear from all of you about this so please don’t hesitate to get a hold of us. We answer everyone right now. If things ever pick up I’m not sure how we’d do but for now I can almost guarantee you that at least one of us will respond to every email we get. As a reminder, we have a submission form where you can post your own stories/pictures of Mom if you have any. We’d really like to see anything anyone has, even if it doesn’t coincide with the time frame we’re at in the Journal. Just send them in and we’ll get things posted.

February 14, 1978 – February 24, 1978


It really was a Happy Valentine’s Day! Mom took the tests to get her G.E.D. and passed all five sections. Mom mentions getting a van again and then watches her soap operas. We took a family trip to Idaho to visit relatives and Mat blames Phonics for his lack of interest in reading. As always Mom delves into the topic of money (or lack thereof) but still plans on buying a waterbed.

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