25 Looking Up


Billboard’s Hot 100 Number One at the time:
Andy Gibb – (Love Is) Thicker Than Water
For the weeks of March 4, 1978 & March 11, 1978

EPISODE 25!! Mat and I see this as a milestone in the podcast. 25 episodes is halfway through our first year, halfway to our goal of 50 podcasts in the first year and to top it off it happens on Mom’s 55th Birthday weekend! We didn’t plan it this way, although if we had I’m sure we would have done it this way.

In this episode things just feel like life is getting ready to get better. Mom got a new perm and she had an opportunity for a job with the phone company. Also, Grampa Bob was recovering well from his accident so all in all not bad.

Here’s a poster for the movie Mom mentioned she might go see. I’ve really gotta watch some of these just to get a better idea of what she liked back then. You can click on the poster to go to the IMDB.com entry and learn more about the movie.
Looking for Mr. Goodbar Movie Poster

March 4, 1978 – March 16, 1978


When we left off Grampa Bob had just been in a very bad accident. He was still in the hospital but was getting better. Mom goes for a drive and we talk about how impossible it is to really enjoy going for a drive with such high gas prices. Mom also got her perm and was also getting ready for her test with the phone company.

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