28 Cars & Jobs


Billboard’s Hot 100 Number One at the time:
Bee Gees – Night Fever
For the weeks of April 29 & May 6, 1978
Yvonne Elliman – If I Can’t Have You
For the week of May 13, 1978
Wings – With A Little Luck
For the week of May 20, 1978

The first thing you may notice about this post versus previous posts is a new player below to play this week’s episode. This is an improvement from WordPress with the latest update. What they’ve done is created the capability to embed audio and video content directly into the web page instead of having to use what’s known as a “Plugin” to display audio and video content. It probably doesn’t mean a whole lot to most of you but those of you who’ve ever had to deal with adding content like this will understand how much easier it is to just insert the web address for the location of a file and have it work, and work well I might add. I still have the software for the previous version and if you all like the old version better with the “Download” option we can certainly change it back. It really isn’t to much work when I really think about it. đŸ˜‰

So in the episode a couple of things happened, Mom got a job finally then quit that job for a different job. Plus she said they traded their pickup (I have no idea what kind of truck it was) for a VW Superbeetle. I remember this car, in fact it is the first car I ever remember as “ours”. It’s the one I remember helping change a tire on at the age of three or four. That’s why this weeks featured image above is of a car that looks like the one I remember. Ironically, the image I found online is of a 71 Superbeetle has Oregon plates. I wonder if it’s the one we used to own? Since I’m not sure of what happened to that car I won’t speculate any further than that.

I also said in this episode that I would link to the location of the second job, the Temple Hotel in Pendleton, OR. Unfortunately there isn’t a website for this place but I did find a couple of cool images related to the hotel that I threw together in Photoshop. And I found a link to an old postcard of that same hotel from the early 20th Century, CLICK HERE to see that postcard.

Here’s what I found online for the Temple Hotel:


April 30, 1978 – May 21, 1978

Three new jobs and a new car! Of course Mom had to quit the first job she got to work the second one but she thought of it as an upward move so it was all good. They also got rid of whatever pickup they were driving for a 1971 VW Superbeetle. Better gas mileage means more money in your pocket so that was a good move too. Things were really beginning to look up for all of us.

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