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Billboard’s Hot 100 Number One at the time:
Wings – With A Little Luck
For the week of May 27, 1978
Johnny Mathis/Deniece Williams – Too Much, Too Little, Too Late
For the week of June 3, 1978
John Travolta & Olivia Newton-John – You’re The One That I Want
For the week of June 10, 1978
Andy Gibb – Shadow Dancing
For the weeks of June 17 and June 24, 1978

We had fun with this one, of course we always do. If you could all hear the laughing that goes on between Mat and I when we’re not recording you’d wish we were. I think there’s an idea for another podcast somewhere in there, but we’ll have to wait and see. We don’t really want to take away from what we’re doing with this one.

Whenever Mom mentions something we were watching on a specific day I try to find the episode information on IMDB.com. This week she starts by mentioning Captain Kangaroo (a fellow Marine I might add, I wonder if that’s where I got it?) but I couldn’t find anything about that episode. Oh well, I won’t be able to find everything. In a slightly ironic twist while searching for information on the episode I discovered that Cosmo Allegretti, who played Dennis the Apprentice (my favorite ‘Kangaroo’ character) and a few of the puppet characters, passed away about two weeks ago. In reading about his death I ran across a quote from him that really sums up my favorite show as a child:

[Bob] Keeshan was looking to go against the grain, to do a quiet, gentle show when others were loud. ‘Kangaroo’ was a visit, not a show.

I have a lot of fond memories watching this show, Mr. Moose and the ping pong balls he would drop on Captain Kangaroo, Dennis the Apprentice and his slightly innocent demeanor and Picture Pages with Bill Cosby. I still remember the song for the Picture Pages segment and how once in 1980 or 81 Mom actually ordered me the booklet so I could follow along.

Doing this podcast and then the corresponding posts has also made me a bit more interested in the 1970s era and what was going on with other people around that time. I find myself asking people who would have memories of the time what they remember and going to Wikipedia to check out what they have listed. I found out that during the time Mom was writing this that the first legal casino in the eastern U.S. opened in Atlantic City, the Unabomber made his first attack at Northwestern University, David Berkowitz (Son of Sam) was sentenced to 365 years and the comic-strip Garfield premiered.

Well, we hope you all enjoy this episode. Keep and ear out for next week and enjoy!

May 22, 1978 – June 29, 1978

We talk about how “nice” sunburns are. Mom and dad celebrated their Fourth Anniversary by going out to a steak house courtesy of Mom’s parents and sister. Then Mom worked at the hotel, but not for too long! She ended up getting a job at the State Hospital in Pendleton and passed her CNA test with a 95%! Not too bad for someone who was afraid of taking tests. There was a very scary incident with Phillip, a pen and his eye but in the end everything worked out. We spent a lot of time with Grandma and Grandpa Cornwell and dad had a very slim chance of an opportunity to get a job with the Steel Workers Union.

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