#3 The Birth


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Hi everyone, this is Phillip. Apparently I can’t count! In this episode I make reference to the Marine Corps Birthday in 1974. I keep saying it was the 299th birthday when those of you who can do math will realize it was the 199th! And for those of you who don’t know, I did serve in the Marines in the mid-90s. Hope you all enjoy the episode!
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November 9, 1974 – December 6, 1974


In this episode Mom starts pregnant but ends up with her first baby! She also writes out a song by John Denver called Season Suite, you can listen by playing the video below:

Some of mom’s family and friends also had babies around this time, but I guess I was too stubborn and had to be born last! At least that’s the way she felt about it at the time. We hope you all are enjoying the podcast and that you keep listening. It gets more interesting, we promise!

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  1. Susan says:

    This was great! I can sense your Mom laughing so hard at your reactions as you read. Phillip aren’t you glad Peebird isn’t your life long nick name? It may be now.

  2. Teresa Clark says:

    The pills are pitosin (sp) and I did that the 1st time. You start with the pills on each side until you build up to about 6 pills. Now days they do it with IV and it is much more controlled. I was told after the fact that it makes labor much worse for pain and closer together. Oh great ! They checked her out and thought she might get started with the pit pills.

  3. Robin Zobrist says:

    Hello boys,,, I just listened to the third podcast. It made me laugh. I could just see her. She was so cute. I loved the peebird thing,,,how funny. I got a little behind as we were listening on Sunday morning but for the past two weekends we haven’t been home.
    Your doing a great job.
    If I could suggest anything it would be to read straight through then discuss what you have read. I think it might be a little easier to follow. I love it and I know she would to.
    Love you guys. Xoxox

    • Phillip says:

      Hi Robin, great to hear from you! Mat and I have talked about reading first then commenting, we’re still out on that one. If we do it won’t be any earlier than episode 10 because we’ve already recorded up to episode 9.

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