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New Weekly Feature!

Yep, I’m adding a new feature. I call it the “I ♥ U Count”. It will show how many times Mom had said, “I love you” to Mat and I up to the end of that episode. So without further ado:

I ♥ U Count: 351

Billboard’s Hot 100 Number One at the time:
Andy Gibb – Shadow Dancing
For the week of July 15, 1978

Wow, Andy Gibb was really owning the charts in the summer of 78, wasn’t he? I don’t know if Mom was an Andy Gibb fan or not. I get the impression he was more popular with tween and early teen girls. Kind of like how my 14 year old daughter is obsessed with One Direction now. Were fathers back then irritated with him like I am with 1D? Mat and I have a joke about them that my daughter hates. Here’s an excerpt of the conversation we had that brought it about:

Me: Hey Cameo, what do One Direction Fans call themselves? (It was an honest question I swear)
Cameo: Directioners
Me: Okay, what about really dedicated superfans?
Cameo: Directioners, duh!
Me: I think the superfans should differentiate themselves with a different title. Something to really set them apart from the crowd.
Uncle Mat: I know. Onesies!

She hates it, but it’s really fun to hear her overreact about it. So in this one Mom finally leaves the teens behind her. I think turning 20 really made her feel like an adult. Of course, you’d think having two kids before she was 18 would have made her feel “adult” enough. But there was a part of her that never really grew up. That’s why she was always so fun and carefree. I think that’s why almost anyone who met her instantly liked and/or fell in love with her. That youthful spirit of hers was something even I envied when I got past a certain age. She held onto it though, kind of what made her “Kendra”.

Not to bring you all down but Labor Day Weekend is coming up. This year will be two years since Mom passed. Mat and I have our plans set and would like to ask all of you to remember her when you’re at your barbecue or get together. Have a drink for her, that’s what she’d want most. People having fun while thinking of her. We’ve got another episode coming up just before then and we’ll mention it then too, but I just wanted to remind you all in hopes that you’ll celebrate her life like we will be doing. Talk to you all next week. Enjoy!

July 9, 1978 – July 17, 1978

Mom kept working at her new job as a CNA at the State Hospital. She also celebrated her 20th birthday and got a great gift from her sister! Mom laid out her goals again and dreamt of making more money, then hoped it wouldn’t make us snobs. Us boys also got to see our first circus and Mom mentioned maybe wanting to have another baby.

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