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Billboard’s Hot 100 Number One at the time:
Andy Gibb – Shadow Dancing
For the week of July 22, 1978

Wow, more Andy Gibb. How many of you that were around back then were tired of this song? Like I said last week, I imagine it was all the tween/early teen girls that were making this song so popular. I’ve never been a real fan of the disco sound though, I mean look at who raised me. Mat and I were preordained to be rock fans, am I right? At least this disco thing isn’t as popular now as it was then.

On a more somber note, Mat and I would like to remind you all (as we do in this episode) that this weekend, Labor Day 2013, is the second anniversary of Mom’s passing. Mat and I will get together this weekend to have our annual “Remember Mom” time and we’d like the rest of you to take a moment and raise a glass or say a silent prayer in remembrance. Whatever feels right to you. We know that most of you are family or close friends so it won’t be too hard to forget her or what this weekend represents. We hope all of you have a great Labor Day Weekend, we wish you all the best and ask you to be safe and… Enjoy!

July 18, 1978 – July 27, 1978

Mom spent a little bit of time with our new cousin Keith but not too much. She also made plans and went to the dentist. Mom went to bankruptcy court but kept the stereo financing, priorities first! Uncle Phil made a nice new purchase and Grampa Bob got ready for a vacation. Mom also spent a lot of time dreaming about the fabled van too.

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