33 Fair Time


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Billboard’s Hot 100 Number One at the time:
Andy Gibb – Shadow Dancing
For the week of July 22, 1978
The Rolling Stones – Miss You
For the week of August 5, 1978
Commodores – Three Times A Lady
For the week of August 12, 1978

Andy Gibb Goes Down!!! I’m not much of a Rolling Stones or Commodores fan either but at least I get to put up links to some other videos. I’m really sorry this post is so short. I’m in the process of moving and I kind of had to rush this posting a bit. The episode is up and should be in your ears right now, so if you haven’t downloaded it do so! Or listen to it by playing it below. Take care everyone, I promise next week’s episode post will be back to it’s normal quality.

July 30, 1978 – August 15, 1978

Mom spent some time partying in Tri-Cities and then got sick and missed some work. She had an arguement with her brother but worked it out and then took us to the fair and carnival where we had a blast. Finally, Dad got a new job working with a surveyor in Kennewick.

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