34 Summer ’78


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Commodores – Three Times A Lady
For the week of August 19, 1978
Frankie Valli – Grease
For the week of August 26, 1978

This is another picture of Mat and I that I love. Mat is crying because I won’t let him ride the horse, I think it’s the only horse he ever liked to ride. Anyway, it sums up our relationship when we were kids pretty well. I would torture my little brother to the point of him crying, then he’d get frustrated and mean with me and I would play innocent with Mom. It worked for a while, then she caught on and told me that someday he wasn’t going to be smaller than me and I’d regret picking on him so much. It never came to that but I do regret picking on him. Mat has become my best friend, as brothers should be. I regret all the torture because of that, not because I’m afraid he’ll kick my butt someday, really, I swear!

In other news, my move is done. We were able to accomplish that without interruption to the release schedule too, so Mat, my wife and I are pretty happy it’s gone as smoothly as it did. We hope you are all enjoying the podcast, we’re gaining more and more listeners each week so keep spreading the word. Like our Facebook Page and share it with your friends. Enjoy!

August 16, 1978 – August 31, 1978

We got a cat and named him Bilbo. Mom missed more work from being sick.Mom dreamt of her van some more too. She also went to the dentist and we went to a circus where one of rode an elephant and the other chickened out. Oh, and Pendleton finally got a McDonald’s and KMart!

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