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Frankie Valli – Grease
For the week of September 2, 1978
A Taste of Honey – Boogie Oogie Oogie
For the week of September 9, 1978

So I tried something a bit different this week as I was putting this post together. I listened to the music that I reference above. The Grease theme song is okay, not great, just okay. But the disco song “Boogie Oogie Oogie” just isn’t something I can finish. How? Why? I don’t mean trash someone’s creative outlet but I am REALLY glad disco is dead. I just feel sorry for those of you who were subjected to this stuff on the radio back in the day. I know that has to be why people installed tape decks in their vehicles. So they could play music that was actually good like Led Zeppelin, Heart and Van Halen. Disco, blech!

So this weeks image needs a little explanation I think. Mom briefly mentioned the Pendleton Round-Up in this part of the Journal and Mat and I go into a much longer explanation and conversation about it. It’s a pretty big deal for Pendleton, from conversations I’ve had with current residents and business owners there I’ve learned that a lot of business operate in the red until Round-Up because that’s when they make all of there money. The program in this weeks featured image is from the 1978 Round-Up so it felt appropriate, plus I’m short on personal pictures from this time frame and really needed something related to the episode!

Once again, Mat and I hope you are all enjoying the podcast each week. Don’t forget to let us know what you think by contacting us via our Contact Us page or at our email address, phillip@kbiradio.com and mat@kbiradio.com. Enjoy!

September 2, 1978 – September 11, 1978

Mom started this one by being sick. She talked about some other career choices she was interested in and interestingly enough those are two subjects that both of us boys are interested in. Mom dreamt a lot about what she’d do with the money from a good job. She got worried that it made her sound greedy though and got really depressed about it.

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