36 A So-So Life


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A Taste of Honey – Boogie Oogie Oogie
For the weeks of September 16, & September 23, 1978
Exile – Kiss You All Over
For the weeks of September 30, October 7, October 14, & October 21, 1978

So the car in the picture, I know we didn’t end up getting it, in fact Mom only mentioned it once in the Journal but I wanted to give a good image of what car she was dreaming about this time. She did mention the van again so you’ll have an opportunity to drink in this one. Not much else to say. Mat and I have had a hectic couple of weeks. I recently moved and Mat’s computer crashed. Luckily he didn’t lose anything related to our little endeavor here. He’s pretty good about backing things up. I need to do that too, just in case. 😉 We hope you are all still enjoying the Journal. We certainly are having fun with it, especially now that we’re getting close to things we remember. Part of the time I just want to skip over the rest of this stuff and get to some solid memories to compare what Mom said with what I think I already know. I’d expect the tangents Mat and I get in to become more common, then again Mat’s pretty good about getting us back on track so maybe not. I guess we’ll see. Enjoy!

September 12, 1978 – October 25, 1978

Mom made plans on who would take us if something were to happen to her and dad. The van was mentioned again (drink!) and bills started to pile up again. Mom got tickets to the Styx/Thin Lizzy concert in Pullman and a relative planned on making a HUGE change in his life.

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