#4 New Mom


As promised a picture of mom at 40. This is the picture we speak about in this episode. I know there’s a story behind it but I’m not entirely sure what it is. I think she told me that she went to Glamour Shots and the way they did her hair and make-up was really bad so she re-did it herself. Typical of mom to do something like that! Anyway, I know I promised pictures of the wedding in the last episode, and I found a couple so I’ll get those up as soon as possible. I don’t have the ones I was thinking of though so I’ll have to do more searching. Mat and I also found a pic of A 1968 Charger, unfortunately not THE 1968 Charger. This one looks really cool, so enjoy. I also found a picture of the house at 112 SE 11th in Pendleton. I searched on Google Maps and went to street view so someone with knowledge of that house (Uncle Phil) will need to confirm I found the right place. Nothing else for this week, we hope you have all been enjoying the episodes so far, mom was really starting to get into writing in this thing but trust me when I say the most interesting stuff is still ahead. As always you can listen to these episodes many different ways. You can listen with the player at the bottom of the page, you can subscribe to our RSS Feed or subscribe through iTunes.

1968 Dodge Charger








112 SE 11th St, Pendleton, OR (circa 2012)








December 8, 1974 – August 17, 1975


A lot of stuff happened in this part of the journal. Mom got settled into being a new parent and they sold the trailer. Because of that we moved in with Grandma and Grandpa Cornwell and then dad joined the Army. That led to us moving to Oklahoma. Oh, and we found out Mat was on the way! A lot more happened too so listen in as we share more of mom’s journal.

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  1. Tanya Priest says:

    Your mom told me a story about how when she was in Oklahoma they would play a game with spiders and cars. They would drive out at night and stop the car and turn the lights off. Then when they would flip the lights back on there would be HUGE spiders on the road. She described them as being as big as paper plates with the legs coming off from there. Anyway, they would hit the gas and see how many spiders they could run over. 🙂

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