40 A New Year


I U Count: 459



Billboard Hot 100:

Bee Gees – Too Much Heaven
For the weeks of January 6 & January 13, 1979
Chic – Le Freak
For the week of January 20, 1979

Box Office Hits

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For the weeks of January 7 & January 14, 1979

January 1, 1979 – January 20, 1979

It was a new year and Mom had a lot of hopes for it. We celebrated Mat’s 3rd birthday and made a move closer to family. Work was what it was so we were getting by but Mom was thinking of going back to work instead of babysitting for her sister.

This Week’s Thoughts

I am about 90% positive this is the house we moved to in Pendleton. I’m pretty sure it’s this one though because it’s the smallest of the three I’m thinking of and it matches what I can recall in my memory (even though that is proving to fail me lately!). I’m sure one of you out there knows which house it is, if so don’t hesitate to comment below. Mom also mentions a drawing in this episode of the floorplan. Here’s a picture of it:
The front of the house would be the bottom of this picture, facing West on the map, as I remember it. I could be way off but I’m pretty sure I’m right. And I think I was correct in the episode thinking that mine and Mat’s bedroom was the front bedroom (bottom right of the picture). This is the first house I lived in that I have distinct memories of. I can remember bits and pieces of the house before this but I couldn’t take you to it now like I can with this one. I think the reason I remember it so well is because our Aunt Shannon lived just a few doors down and across the street for years after we moved out of this house. I remember going by it when we’d visit and think, “I used to live there”. So anyway, that’s how I recall this place. Mat and I are excited to be making another small goal in our ultimate goal to 50 episodes in the first year. Just 10 more to go, and again, we hope all of you keep listening. Enjoy!

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