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Chic – Le Freak
For the weeks of January 27 & February 3, 1979
Rod Stewart – Do Ya Think I’m Sexy?
For the weeks of February 10 & February 17, 1979

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For the weeks of January 7, January 21, January 28, February 4 & February 11, 1979

January 23, 1979 – February 16, 1979

Van! Drink! Maybe we got one, maybe not. You’ll have to listen to find out. Mom was missing the warmth of summer, but was also missing snow skiing, quite a contradiction. She was looking for new cars too, seeing what was out there. she spent a lot of time babysitting her nephews but also spent most of the money on just getting by. The money was there it was just already spent.

This Week’s Thoughts

So in this episode Mat thinks I’m trying to encourage alcoholism in all of you. I, however, see it differently. I see it as Mom’s way to continue contributing to the party! She definitely liked her partying and I think she would be very happy knowing that we’re doing something to remember that. I realize most of you probably don’t actually drink when a rule from the drinking game is hit but it’s more the thought behind it that makes it memorable. Besides, in 10 or even 100 years people may stumble across this podcast and website and enjoy the game. It’s hard to say.

So I wanted to explain this weeks picture, like I do from time to time. I think it’s from before Mom started the Journal. I know that at one point she went on a trip to California with her dad. The way the story I heard goes is that she was 13 or 14 and Grandpa let her drive, a lot. He said if she told anyone he’d never let her drive with him again. So of course Mom being Mom, she told EVERYBODY when she got home and Grandpa never let her drive with him again. I can’t recall a time they were in a car together that she was driving. But I wasn’t with them every time they were together so I’m not sure if he actually held true to his threat.

I’ve decided to I’m going to start a little project related to the podcast too. I recently started adding the top movie for that week or weeks the Journal covers. I’m going to try and watch them all as we go through this. I think it’ll help me see things I was too young to understand or even trigger my memory on other things. It’s just an experiment so we’ll see how it goes. Well, that’s it for this week. We hope you are all still keeping up with us. Enjoy!

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  1. Bettina says:


    Kendra looks beautiful on the picture you posted.

    The drinking game is a nice idea but as I’m usually listening to the new episode early in the morning and I’m not sure that’s a good idea to follow the rule, right?

    Anyway, I added a rule for myself which works great.

    Every time Kendra writes “shit” – “bitch” or “pissed off” I’m grinning from ear to ear ! ! ! I love the fact she always speak her mind !
    I also have a big smile each time you guys are taking a nap.

    Trust me, it really makes my day.

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