42 California or Canada?


I U Count: 490


Billboard Hot 100:

Rod Stewart – Do Ya Think I’m Sexy?
For the weeks of February 24 & March 3, 1979

Box Office Hits

The Deer Hunter
Click Here to see the Theatrical Trailer
For the weeks of February 25 & March 4, 1979

February 18, 1979 – March 5, 1979

Mom talked to a friend from California and tried to plan going to her wedding. We went snowmobiling and looked at buying a Double Wide! We had problems with the registration of the car. Time at work was being cut down at a very inconvenient time. Mom also gave some thought to moving to Canada and started looking for work again.

This Week’s Thoughts

First, Mat and I would like to apologize about the audio quality this week. It was generally good but for some reason our internet connection started tanking towards the end of that recording session. This was the fourth or fifth episode we recorded that day and we were hoping we’d gotten enough of decent audio recorded for that final one to be a full episode. We got lucky because we were literally stopping every minute or two to wait for the connection to speed back up and get a decent level of audio input. Mat has A LOT of content for a future bloopers real. That one will not be safe for children to listen to! Other than that everything is going well with us. We’ll be recording next weeks episode during the week and will have it out for you next Friday. We’d record this weekend but Mat and Rachel are celebrating their 13th Anniversary so say congratulations to them if you get a chance. Enjoy!

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