43 Short Checks & Food Stamps


I U Count: 509


Billboard Hot 100:

Gloria Gaynor – I Will Survive
For the weeks of March 10 & March 17, 1979

Box Office Hits

The Deer Hunter
For the week of March 11, 1979
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The China Syndrome
For the week of March 18, 1979
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March 7, 1979 – March 20, 1979

So money was really tight again and we had to rely on food stamps to get fed. Mom was a bit cranky because she didn’t really have the money to buy cigarettes either. They did get a chance to cut loose a little bit and helped a friend celebrate a birthday. Mom was also being teased by warming weather and looking forward to the heat of summer.

This Week’s Thoughts

So the sound is a little scratchy on my end in this one, sorry about that. Mat and I got a little behind on our recording schedule so this one was done earlier this week. Now we have to get together again and try to record a few more over the weekend. The featured image this week is of the cabin. My understanding is that Gramma, Grampa, Mom and her brother and sister built it over a summer or two sometime in the 60s. If you know more details about it please let us know because I am very interested. Grampa owned it for quite a while after this time, I remember going up there when I was 12 or 13 with Mat and our cousin Jason. I think that was the last time we went though because I don’t remember any trips after that. It was a great place to be. Once again, let us know what you think and don’t forget to share your stories of Mom. Enjoy!

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