44 Budgeting Gymnastics


I U Count: 523


Billboard Hot 100:

The Bee Gees – Tragedy
For the weeks of March 24 & March 31, 1979

Box Office Hits

The China Syndrome
For the weeks of March 25 & April 1, 1979
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March 22, 1979 – March 31, 1979

Money was being as spent as fast as it could be earned. Mom was happy about the weather getting warmer. She was also dreaming about what she’d do with bigger paychecks again but with no real hope of actually getting there, just the idea of it was enough to keep her hopes up. Mom got to go horseback riding too, after years of not being able to go and ended up with a sore butt. And we were pawning things again to get by but we end this episode on a hopeful note.

This Week’s Thoughts

So it’s taken 44 episodes but I think I’ve finally got the featured image set up exactly the way I want it. Now, I imagine we’ll stick with it for another year then we’ll do a website redesign and have to start all over again. Maybe, since I am a professional web designer, I’ll actually do it right this time and have everything planned out the way it should be. So if you’ve listened to the episode you would have already heard my brother’s birthday wish to me. I would like to take this opportunity (since I am in charge of the editing on this end and can do this) to say “Thank You” to my little brother and best friend. I have been having a blast doing this podcast with him over the last 11 months. It’s kind of hard to believe it’s been almost a year and I look forward to all the episodes to come. I have an idea that part of Mom’s reason for asking Mat and I to make sure this thing is shared with the world is because she knew it would bring us (or at least keep us) closer together. It’s just nice to think that Mom was concerned with our relationship and how it would go after she was gone. I think that after all of this is over and we’ve finished the Journal Mat and I will have to come up with another podcast to do together. Maybe something to do with movies… Anyone have any ideas? Well that’s it for this week. Enjoy!

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