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April 17, 1979 – May 5, 1979

Mom visits with an old friend and we move out of the grandparents house. There’s even an cool twist about the place we moved into. Mom also got a job with her cousin. Mom debates giving up her pets (aka her babies) but lets the dog go to a big farm. Us boys went on a camping trip with our grandparents and Mom helps some friends celebrate thier anniversary. Plus lots more so make sure to listen!

This Week’s Thoughts

Here’s a map of the apartment we moved into in 1979. I’m pretty sure we were in the building with the red marker because I seem to remember lawn out our living room window and not a parking lot, but I could be wrong. The pink marker is the motel Mom worked at with her cousin Teresa, see below this map for more on that place. The building with the green marker is where I lived in 1998-1999. That apartment was identical to the one we lived in in 1979. Same floor plan and half underground too. Just a different building.

View Apartment in Umatilla in a larger map

Here’s a picture of the motel Mom got a job at. Ironically named (Tillicum really is a Native American word here in the Northwest U.S.) because it still exists and is now next door to one of the scuzziest strip bars I’ve ever been to. Hey, don’t judge, I was single at the time. There was a rumor going around town a few years ago that some of the dancers were also prostitutes who would take their work to this motel since it was next door. Whether that part of it is true, I don’t know, as Austin Powers would say, “That’s not my bag, baby!”

Well, just like we reminded all of you at the end of the episode we’ll be taking a break in two weeks. You’ll get episode 48 next week then it’s a week off for us and after the New Year we’ll finish up our first year of the podcast with Episodes 49 and 50. It’s really hard for me to believe it’s been a year already. I believe it was a year ago yesterday (December 12th) that Mat and I started recording. I’ll have to check the dates but I’m pretty sure that’s when we recorded the first three or four episodes. We’ve come a long way since then! When I find out I’ll comment below. Well, that is it for this week everyone. Enjoy!

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