49 Horsing Around


I U Count: 591


Billboard Hot 100:

Peaches & Herb – Reunited
For the week of May 26, 1979

Donna Summer – Hot Stuff
For the week of June 2, 1979

Box Office Hits:

For the weeks of May 27 & June 3, 1979
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May 27, 1979 – June 4, 1979

Mom talked about what she’d like to do for a living, but only briefly. Then she mentions how expensive gas was getting during the gas shortage in 1979. 90.9 cents a gallon was A LOT for gas back then. Things were easing up in the area of money because she didn’t say much about being strapped for cash or low on food.

This Week’s Thoughts

We’re almost there! Next week will be the goal Mat and I have set for this first year of the podcast. 50 Episodes! It feels kind of anti-climactic to me because we’ve already recorded it and now all I have to do is get it ready and post it. But you have to wait… sorry. So during this episode Mom mentioned seeing a movie called “Dirt”. Mat said he couldn’t find anything on it during the recording but in the end he came through and found a clip on YouTube which I used to find the entire thing. It’s actually pretty good. If you’re interested I’ve embedded it below. Enjoy!

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