#5 Oklahoma!


So the picture above isn’t related to this episode. I know most of them haven’t been. It’s just been more fun to do it this way. This picture is of Mom and her friend Linda and was taken at the California State Fair in 1991. I’m still working on the wedding pictures, there aren’t a whole lot of them. Just a picture of the cake, one of them feeding each other cake or drinks and a shot of their hands with the wedding license. Don’t worry, they’ll be up soon! Promise! But for now you’ll just have to get by with what we’ve got up so far. Below are some links to things that are relevant to this episode. And if you’ll notice on the right, the menu now includes a link to our podcast on Stitcher.com. It’s a great app and is available for free on both iOS and Android devices. So download it and search for Kendra’s Journal Podcast. You can also find a player at the bottom this page and you can always subscribe in your favorite podcatcher. Enjoy!


The Kendra’s Journal Drinking Game Rules

  1. Take one drink when Kendra mentions dirty diapers.

(That’s all we have now, if you have any suggestions please contact us and let us know. I think Mom would be thrilled to know there’s a drinking game based on her writing. She loved to party!)

August 27, 1975 – November 10, 1975


In this episode we’ve moved to Oklahoma and are enjoying life as an Army family. Also, Mat is still on the way and mom does some speculation about whether he’ll be a boy or girl or maybe even twins! In commenting on this part of the journal Phillip suggests a drinking game based on everytime mom mentions dealing with a crappy diaper. Feel free to add your own rules. Enjoy!

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