51 Happy 21st Birthday Mom!


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Box Office Hits:

The Muppet Movie
For the week of June 24, 1979
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For the weeks of July 1 & July 8, 1979
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For the week of July 15, 1979
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June 19, 1979 – July 15, 1979

Money from family helped us get by until the next paycheck. Then there was a layoff, so things got fairly tight for a while. We went to the drive in with friends. Us boys really pushed Mom’s buttons dumping out all bandaids, cereal and chocolate syrup. 🙂 Sorry Mom. She also took a trip to her cousin’s wedding in Vancouver B.C. but it was just a quick trip up and back. Mom also turned 21 but she didn’t make a big deal about it because keeping a house together was more important than celebrating her birthday.

This week’s thoughts

I’m going to keep things short and sweet this week. I promised you all the RSS Feed URL so here it is:


Some web browsers know what to do with this and others don’t so if you just get a page of a lot of text then your browser doesn’t know what you should do with it. But, if you are going to have your Podcatcher receive it then this is what you need when it asks for your Feed URL. Hope it helps you all. Enjoy!

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