54 Labor Day 1979


I U Count: 658


Billboard Hot 100:

The Knack – My Sharona
For the weeks of September 8, September 15 & September 22, 1979

Box Office Hits:

Apocalypse Now
For the weeks of September 9, September 16 & September 25, 1979
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September 3, 1979 – September 25, 1979

Mom was still recovering from her surgery but after a week of staying inside she decided to go dancing with her aunt. She also continued making plans to buy some land and a double-wide even though we still couldn’t keep enough money available to buy food. Uncle Phil, who’d been staying with us, moved out to a ranch he was working for. Other than that is was a fairly typical time in our lives, feast or famine as always.

This Week’s Thoughts

I explained this on Facebook but, this week’s featured image isn’t something Mom mentioned but it did come out during this time period (Septemeber 17, 1979) and it is SOOOOO Mom. She used to use her thumb though. She’d lick it and start rubbing whatever dirt or food was stuck on our faces. Most of the time it wasn’t worth fighting her over it because she’d just grab our chins or the top of our heads and hold us in place until she was done. Then we would run to the first available source of running water and try to clean her spit off of us. So gross… If you’re interested in seeing the full size version of this comic, CLICK HERE.

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Back to the episode, this wasn’t a particularly memorable time in my life. I don’t remember much about Uncle Phil living with us but I do remember him being there. I remember his motorcycle being outside our front door too. We lived in an apartment that was half underground and you had to go down a small flight of steps to get to our front door. There was this nice little cubby hole under the steps going to the floor above us right in front of our door that he used to park his bike. The way I remember it was one of those yellow Yamaha motorcross bikes with the number on the front of the handle bars. I don’t know what number he had (if any) I just remember it being there. I also remember him cooking in the kitchen there and mixing his mashed potatoes and corn. That’s still one of my favorite things to do when eating those two things together. I know I remember a lot of other things coming up in this place, like Christmas and Mat’s incident with a neighbor’s dog but those things are yet to happen so I’ll let them go for now. Enjoy!

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