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Apocalypse Now
For the week of September 30, 1979
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For the weeks of October 7 & October 14, 1979
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September 28, 1979 – October 19, 1979

One of our grandmothers had gallbladder surgery and it temporarily got us a second cat. Mom got through her recovery without going stir-crazy. We also got a new TV! Mom’s family had big family get together and we had a blast. Mom also spent money so we could get good haircuts that would last. Mom was dreaming about getting land and a new trailer but she was also getting realistic about the time frame and could see how it wouldn’t happen how she wanted. But it didn’t stop her from looking.

This Week’s Thoughts

So, at this point you should have listened to or are currently listening to the episode. I’m not going to say much about the changes to the podcast. I’ve already said pretty much everything in the last few posts, so I’ll just leave it at that. In the episode Mom mentions getting address labels. Mat had said maybe I shouldn’t post the full label since it is still someone’s address but we’ve already broken that by posting a Google Map with a pin in it on the building we lived in. I’m still blurring out the building number but if you know where to look, you’ll easily be able to find out where this place was:


Kind of plain, huh? It’s weird for me to see something with Mom’s last name the same as mine. For most of my life it was one of several other names. I believe she only kept Cornwell until her divorce was finalized, but I’m not sure on that. She also talks about seeing a couple of movies at theater. I assume she meant the drive-in because I don’t think there was anything but the drive-in around Hermiston at that time. Like I said in the episode I have very vague memories of Meatballs but I don’t remember Heavean Can Wait. I don’t think I’ve actually watched all of that one either. I’m sure we had fun anyway, that drive-in had a playground just below the screen so parents could wear out there kids and knowing Mom she probably took full advantage of it, I’m almost sure that’s why we were worn out by the second movie. Well, that’s it for another week. We’ll talk to you next time. Enjoy!


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