56 Time to Tighten the Belt


I U Count: 681


Box Office Hits:

For the weeks of October 21, October 28, November 4 & November 11, 1979
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October 21, 1979 – November 12, 1979

We lost our cat to an accident then money got tight again. Mom had a couple of job interviews but also started planning a move so she could go to college. Mom also made a little extra cash on the side by babysitting a neighbor kid but had to keep hunting down the kid’s mom to get paid.

This Week’s Thoughts

Doing research for this episode I found an interesting thing on YouTube. On April 2, 1979 (a bit earlier in the year, I know) The Muppets hosted The Tonight Show. I’m sure I would have been interested in watching Kermit the Frog at 4 years old but now what interests me most now are the commercials. Wow, there were a lot of wine commercials back then! I remember the jingles from them most, Bell’s “Reach Out and Touch Someone” or Orson Welles pitching Paul Masson Wines with “We Will Sell No Wine Before It’s Time”. I’m including this episode below in case your interested. Not much more to say on this one folks, see you next week. Enjoy!

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