57 The 1979 Holiday Season


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For the weeks of November 18, November 25 & December 2, 1979
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November 15, 1979 – December 4, 1979

Mom debates the merits of babysitting the neighbor kids and dreams of showing people up when she has a degree. Phillip has a birthday and everyone celebrates Thanksgiving too. We also see the first snow of the 1979 winter season and start looking forward to Christmas time. As always, bills were piling up and food was getting short.

This Week’s Thoughts

I don’t think this was a particularly easy time in our lives but it definitely wasn’t the hardest. We had a place to live and there was at least something to eat in the cupboard even if it wasn’t what we wanted. Mom complained about having to spend money for food because she didn’t get to the post office in time to get food stamps. Mat and I know that this was because she was spending her cigarette money, although since cigarettes were fairly cheap I’m sure there were other things like cleaning supplies or bills that the money could have gone too more effectively. In today’s money that $0.35 has the buying power of $1.13 today so they really were cheap even in comparison to today’s prices.

It may seem like Mat and I concentrate a lot on Mom’s smoking, and we do for good reason. When she was first diagnosed with Bladder Cancer the doctor told her it was directly related to smoking. He was 100% positive that smoking is what caused it. We know that complications from her cancer is what took her life as well so cigarettes are definitely what took our Mom away from us. I’m not completely knocking it, I smoked for many years myself and I dread getting a cancer diagnosis. Luckily, I finally quit about 5 years ago. It was a hard road and I don’t envy anyone who has yet to go through it. But I will encourage any of you who currently smoke to please stop. Do it for your health and for those you care about. Don’t take yourself out of their lives because feeding your addiction is more important.

If you’re a regular visitor to the website you may have noticed a couple of additions to the “Flashback” area of the website. I’ve made it easier for all of you to listen to, watch and purchase the music and movies we feature in that section. Please don’t feel pressured to buy, but if you’re inclined to I’ve made it a lot easier to do so. We hope all of you are enjoying the episodes, there’s still a lot more to come so stay tuned. Enjoy!

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