58 The Last Days of the 70s


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December 5, 1979 – December 31, 1979

It was Christmas time and as always money wasn’t something that stayed around very long. But we had a good Christmas, got to spend time with family and overall had a pleasant experience. No one was working though so the prospects for the new year (and decade) weren’t too promising but there was a sense of hope. Friends and family were having babies and we all continued to have fun.

This Week’s Thoughts

I finally got to tell the dog story! I really do remember it the way I related it in this episode. Mat was running his ass off, of course I could be thinking of some other time when that dog was chasing him as I’m sure it must have happened more than once. There are also a few things about that Christmas I remember that we didn’t talk about in the episode for some reason. I really meant to as well but I guess the flow of episode just kept me from thinking about it.

My first real distinct memory is of that Christmas Eve. Mat and I were staying up watching TV and I know I was falling asleep but wanted to stay up. Mom told me that Santa Claus had just peeked through the window and wouldn’t bring us our presents if we were still up so I remember running straight to bed. Nothing like bribery to get your kids asleep, eh? I vaguely remember the Christmas tree as well. It was in one corner, right next to the TV. I remember the whole room being lit by it when the other lights were turned off. The last thing I remember were a couple of presents Mom didn’t mention. There were two of them, one for each of us. A stuffed Spiderman and Hulk doll. They had velcro (at least the Spiderman did) on their hands and feet and would stick to the couch. I’m pretty sure Mat got the Spiderman and I got the Hulk because I remember Mat holding his and it was almost the same size as he was.

These are the first really distinct Christmas memories of my life and apparently it was a good one, Nowadays Christmas isn’t as important to me or Mat but I try to make the best of it for my kids. We had some fairly crappy holidays through the years but I can’t let my Scrooginess ruin it for my kids. I haven’t let them live the way Mat and I grew up so they don’t really understand my dissatisfaction with that particular holiday and I really do try to keep it to myself but there comes a certain point in the season when I just can’t take it anymore. Well, enough with that tangent. It’s not even close to Christmas now so I won’t let it get to me.

Things are still going fairly with the download numbers. February was our highest month ever and March looks to be on track with it as well. It’s getting exciting because I think word about the podcast is starting to spread a bit more. I don’t think we’re at a tipping point yet but I can see how this could be the beginning of what will lead to one. Keep your fingers crossed and remember, if you’ve been listening for a while then you’re part of the original group of listeners. Talk to you all next week, Enjoy!

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