#6 New Baby


What’s this? A pic that’s actually related to the episode? Never! Yes, it actually is folks. Mat sent me this pic of the “babies” pictures taped to the journal so I thought you’d all enjoy seeing it the way Mom intended us to see it. We also talk about Mat being in some red and white striped pajamas and I mention I’d put a pic of so if you look below you’ll see it! I say that I think the pic is of Mat wearing them but the back of the picture says it was taken in Feb. 1975 so it has to be me, even though I don’t remember seeing any other pics of me with blue eyes. Oh well. Anyway, we’re working diligently getting these out so we hope you all enjoy them.

Mom mentions Superbowl X so here’s a link to Wikipedia with the information for that game.


November 18, 1975 – January 26, 1976


In this episode Phillip starts walking, has his first birthday and Mat is born! Mom also shares some pictures of her other “babies” and she keeps listening to John Denver. She wrote a lot for such a short span of time so there’s plenty to listen to. If you’re playing the drinking game there are few places to take advantage of in this one as well. Enjoy!

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  1. Robin Zobrist. says:

    I remember when she went to Oklahoma I took them to the airport. We had a really cool time. It was sad though because your dad was leaving and she was so young. She had to be scared alone with a little baby boy. Your were such a cute little dude. We all loved you so much. I couldn’t get over how totally kissable you were. Those chubby cheeks. 🙂
    Well,, you both had those kissable chubby cheeks.
    I sucked at writing letters back then and that hasn’t changed.
    And FYI everyone tried to get out of changing poopy diapers. 🙂

  2. Robin Zobrist. says:

    Also we went to the top of some building in Portland and spit. It was the tallest building we had ever been on. The spit was gone way before it hit the ground so we started yelling at people then ducking so they couldn’t see us. Now she was like I think 16 maybe 17. I on the other hand was probable 20 or 21. What ever I should have known better but it was fun.
    I miss her we always had such great times. She was a kick.

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