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Kramer vs. Kramer
For the weeks of January 20 & January 27, 1980
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January 14, 1980 – January 31, 1980

Mom had a few job interviews! As always she was spending the money before she actually had it but at least this time she was thinking about spending it on bills and necessities instead of vans and vacations. She also started jogging and mentioned it a couple of times but not much else about it. Oh, and there was a Superbowl!

This Week’s Thoughts

As I was putting this post together I remembered something that I wanted to share with all of you. You’ll notice that listed above the number one song for the weeks this episode covers was by Michael Jackson. What I remembered was that Mom, Madonna and Michael Jackson were all pretty much the same age. All three of them were born in 1958, Mom on July 14, Madonna on August 16 and Michael Jackson on August 29. The reason I mention this is because I want you all to see how young Michael Jackson was in the video and realize that at this point, Mom was the same age. I mention Madonna because I also want you to all remember as we get further into the 80s that her and Mom were also the same age. It is amazing to me how different the lives of people in the same age group can be. Here we have examples of exactly how drastic those differences can be. Especially when it comes to the Mom/Madonna parallel. They were both raised in middle class homes, and both were unhappy with their lives and rebellious. While Madonna’s rebellion didn’t affect her life like Mom’s did, she still struggled. Mom had different priorities, namely Mat and I, and was attempting to live her life according to the principals she’d established for herself early on and based on the situations her life thrown at her. Now I’m not suggesting that Mom would have been famous had she not gotten pregnant at 15, but knowing the kind of person she was it really makes you wonder. We hope all of you are still enjoying the episodes, we’re noticing a decent rise in total downloads and have already set a new monthly record, with over a week still to go in the month! Well, that’s enough from me this week. Enjoy!

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