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February 1, 1980 – March 3, 1980

Money was short as always and we moved into a new apartment! The move was kind of forced for not paying rent but it ended up being a step up in the long run. Also, Mom finally got a niece instead of another nephew from her sister. She also spent a lot of time with family and friends and had a job interview with the city police as a clerk of some kind.

This Week’s Thoughts

This was a slightly busy time in our lives. Aunt Shannon had her third child, a girl this time. Mom doesn’t mention a whole lot about it but I have vague memories of her being really excited they had a girl. She finally had a niece on her side of the family. As I was looking up what events happened during this time I came across the 1980 Winter Olympic Games. I don’t remember them but I have heard the story about the “Miracle on Ice”. There was a move made 10 years ago about the US Hockey Team from these games called “Miracle“. I haven’t seen the movie as I’m not a big hockey fan but I know the basics of the story. The USSR National Team were very dominant in hockey having won the gold for the six previous Winter Games. The U.S. team were all amateurs and college students because, as most of you will remember, you had to be an amateur back then to compete in the Olympics. The thing about this story that gets me is that when the US beat the USSR it wasn’t for the gold. The US won the gold in the next game against Finland and the USSR beat Sweden for the Silver. I guess it was just the Cold War mentality and the USSR’s dominance in that sport that made it such an intriguing story. But enough on that.

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