64 Things get Awkward


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Coal Miner’s Daughter
For the weeks of April 20, April 27 & May 4, 1980
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Friday the 13th
For the week of May 11, 1980
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The Long Riders
For the week of May 18, 1980
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April 17, 1980 – May 22, 1980

Things were going well with Mom’s new job in Echo but money was still really tight. Her entries were getting shorter, more sporadic and would cut off without goodbyes but she admits to being distracted and tired. And then something big happens…

This Week’s Thoughts

So, this was a pretty big one, huh? Mat did a really good job editing this to sound way less awkward than it was when we recorded it. I can only hear one obvious edit at the end where he cut out some unnecessary content. Other than that I think this episode turned out pretty well considering what happened. For those of you who don’t know, our parents’ divorce doesn’t really bother Mat and I too much. We were really young and while I remember some of that time with all of us together Mat’s memories of the time only concern himself with each of us individually. But that’s enough on that subject because, like we said, this podcast is about Mom, Mat and myself. While we include other people who’ve impacted our lives we will refrain from doing so if we feel it will cause harm or put someone in an undesirable position.

So, on to other news. Downloads are still doing well although there has been a bit of a dip. We have a solid core of listeners and we appreciate each and every one of you. Not really much else to say, until next week then. Enjoy!

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