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May 23, 1980 – June 23, 1980

Mom got a Ford Fairlane for cheap and we moved to Echo! It was an old trailer but cozy. Mom got us set up with a babysitter too and Mat tells a story about how he accidentally hurt her. Mom spent a lot of time going out when she could but was learning that some of it wasn’t so much fun anymore.

This Week’s Thoughts

If you didn’t have the experience of Mt. St. Helens you should really watch the video below.

Like I said in the episode I don’t have a lot of memory about this but I do recall a little. Mostly what I remember is the ash that was pretty much every where for several years after. I also remember stories I was told several years later by school friends who were more directly affected. Another big thing happened to us, we moved to Echo so Mom could be closer to her job. I’m not sure exactly where we lived but I’m pretty sure it was on either Buckley or Kennedy street on the north side of the street just east of the railroad tracks. Here’s a map if you’re interested:

Well I think that’s about it for us this week. We’ll see you next time. Enjoy!

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