66 Mom enters the dating scene


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June 23, 1980 – July 15, 1980

Mom had some car issues then got it fixed and dreams of a newer car, but not a van this time (drink!). She also spent a lot of time hanging out with friends and started seeing a new guy we’re going to call “R”. He was a nice guy and Mom liked him but she really wanted to make sure that he liked us boys and (most importantly) that we liked him. Then Mom celebrated her 22nd birthday with friends and her new guy the weekend before.

This Week’s Thoughts

So we’re not intentionally being secretive about “R” or his friend “J”, I swear. I know a lot of you knew them and there might even be a couple of you who still see them around Hermiston. I know I saw “R” from time to time when I lived there although I’m not sure he knew who I was. If I saw “J” I didn’t know it was him. Although I did re-meet his daughter when I was in high school because I dated her friend for a short time. We’re just not sure what Mom wrote about them and we don’t want to make their identities public then relate something illegal (things like that happened then) or portray them in a bad light some other way. Not that we know if Mom did, we’re just trying to be careful. Mat and I have already discussed this very issue with several people coming up in the Journal and some of them we’ll be doing the same with, others we won’t because we either know they won’t or can’t be upset about what is written.

Changing subjects, I wanted to point out that this time in Mom’s life was really her first real experience with dating. She jumped right into her first really serious relationship at such a young age and came out of that with two kids and a failed marriage. At 21/22 she was finally experiencing something many of her friends had been for five or six years. This didn’t really hit me until the day after Mat and I recorded the episode so I didn’t get a chance to mention it in this one. I’ll probably talk about it when we record the next one. We’re trying something new for the next few weeks and are recording each episode a few days prior to it being released. This one was recorded on Tuesday and next weeks will be recorded this upcoming Tuesday. Well, I think that’s it for the week, we’ll see you next week. Enjoy!

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