67 Oregon Jam 1980


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July 21, 1980 – August 4, 1980

Mom’s new relationship had a bit of a rocky patch in the beginning but in the end things worked out. Besides, she got to go to the Oregon Jam 1980! Mom was also hoping to get her divorce pushed through and then moving somewhere far away from Hermiston. But, we spent a lot of time in “R”s boat on the river and Mom really seemed to like being around him.

This Week’s Thoughts

Okay, so I screwed up last week and forgot to update the podcast file reference. For that I really do apologize. It’s been fixed so if you go back to last week’s episode and press play you’ll hear the real Episode 66, not Episode 65. I have double checked everything this week and know for certain that the episode listed here is, in fact, Episode 67. So, about the featured image this week. Those really are the ticket stubs Mom kept from the 1980 Oregon Jam in Salem. She kept a lot of concert ticket stubs through the years so we’ll be sure to share them with you when we pass the dates of each concert. Now, as for the drive Mom mentioned in the beginning of the episode, I’m including a Google Map of the route she took for your reference:

Well, that really about covers it for this week. We’re recording again next week for next week’s episode so we’ll talk to you then. Enjoy!

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