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I U Count: 875


Box Office Hits:

For the week of August 10, 1980
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Smokey and the Bandit II
For the weeks of August 17, & August 24, 1980
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August 5, 1980 – August 25, 1980

Mom’s relationship with “R” was blossoming. That was the major theme of this part of the Journal. She was really happy with him and was pleased that us boys were getting along with him as well. Mom was also becoming increasingly dissatisfied with her job but was sticking it out until she could find something else. We also had a couple of guests staying with us for a short time. Uncle Phil needed a place to crash after he left his job at the ranch and an old friend of Mom’s was leaving her husband and needed a place to stay for a while. Oh, and she got to go to the Foghat concert in Yakima that year.

This Week’s Thoughts

And another week is down! There’s really not a lot to say this week. I don’t have any specific memories of this specific time but I do remember general stuff. I remember there being a dog at the house we lived in and the screw in dog stake we had him tied up with but couldn’t tell you what he looked like with any degree of certainty. Mom mentioned the landlady’s son and I do remember him. I’m pretty sure he was a year ahead of me in school but only a few months older. Other than that there’s not much else. I know Mat remembers bits and pieces but nothing very specific or telling. Since that’s it I guess I’ll close here. Take care and we’ll talk to you next week. Enjoy!

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