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August 26, 1980 – September 15, 1980

Mom came back from the concert in Yakima then went to Robin’s baby shower. She got Robin a car seat. We also went to our Grandpa’s so Mom could introduce him to “R”. It seemed to go really well. Mom was also looking for work and a place to live in Hermiston because Echo was getting to her. In the biggest news we got a new car. A 1975 VW Dasher. Mom was in love with this car even though she was paying about $40 more per month than she anticipated.

This Week’s Thoughts

So yeah, finally a new car! And it’s not a van! It’s probably a good thing because gas prices were expensive for the time. When you do the math on it you’ll find that the gas prices back then were pretty comparable to today’s prices. The average price for a gallon of regular leaded gas was $1.19 which coverts to a 2014 price of $3.42, I just filled up my tank yesterday and paid $3.70 a gallon so it was pretty close to what we have now. I’m not sure what was going on back then, I know this was the last hurrah for oil companies for a while and very soon afterward we entered the “Oil Glut” and gas prices dropped significantly. I can only hope it happens again and we can reap the benefits of a temporary surplus of oil (but I doubt it will happen). I also started school in Echo around this time. I kind of remember my first day, I remember being a bit scared of meeting kids I didn’t know but having fun anyway. Well there’s really not much else to say this week. If you listened you’ll know we’re planning a break for the 4th of July holiday in about a month but we’ll remind all of you before it happens. Enjoy!

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