#7 Memories


This picture is of Mom’s mom, Gramma Joyce, and her husband Harvey. There is definitely a family resemblance between the two of them in this one! It was taken around the time of these entries in the Journal. In it Mom talks about her past and more of who she was before she got pregnant and married. It’s also an interesting time period because we were so far away from family. She doesn’t mention it but this was also the U.S. Bicentennial. Kind of a big deal, guess it just wasn’t important to Mom. Although I’m sure she partied over the holiday! Her writing was pretty sporadic so we cover about six months of time. I am working on getting the page up for people to share their stories of Mom. I should have it done by the end of the weekend so come back Sunday or Monday and see if I’ve gotten it done! Keep sharing your stories too. I’m going to take the ones that have come in on comments and combine them there. You can also email them to me at phillip@kbiradio.com. Well, we hope you’re all enjoying the podcast, let us know by commenting or emailing. See you all next week!

United States Bicentennial

January 27, 1976 – July 31, 1976


Six months of writing! Mom shares a lot in this one and a lot of great stuff happened. She mentions my love for pizza which I confirm hasn’t changed! She also mentions us moving into a new house, but it was still in Lawton. Plus there’s another “Pee Bird” reference, great! Mom shares some of her dreams for the future and explains a bit more about who she was prior to getting pregnant and married. She also has her 18th birthday and our Gramma Joyce annnounces her engagement to Harvey. Our cousin Jason is born to Mom’s sister Shannon and Mom reiterates her love for “The Prophet” by writing the passage about children again. Oh and she confirms that even 70’s hippies thought Frank Zappa’s music is weird, “really weird” as she put it. Enjoy!

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