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Box Office Hits:

Private Benjamin
For the weeks of October 12, October 19, October 26 & November 2, 1980
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October 12, 1980 – November 7, 1980

We all got to go rollerskating and us boys went Trick-or-Treating on Halloween. Mom also spent a lot of time sick, but didn’t use as much sick leave. She also planned out her Christmas shopping because she wanted to make it the best Christmas yet. Mom mentions Ronald Reagan winning the Presidential Election and admits to feeling depressed but doesn’t know why. Mom also spent time looking for a new job in Hermiston because her job in Echo was quickly becoming less than desirable.

This Week’s Thoughts

So Mom mentioned Mat and I getting exposed to “Hard Measles” which neither of us had heard of. I imagine that’s a good thing but I wanted to know what she was talking about so I did some research. Most of you probably know about it, especially if you’re in Mom’s generation. What I found kind of scares me because everything I read says it’s “potentially disastrous”. I’m glad I never had to worry about this with my kids (at least so far). Other than that it was fairly uneventful time of our lives. Mat and I went trick-or-treating but she doesn’t mention which costumes we were wearing so it’s not a Halloween I really remember. I think the next one is the big one Mat and I both remember, but we’ll get to that later. Other than that I don’t have much to say. We hope you’re all still intently listening. Enjoy!

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