72 Phillip’s 6th Birthday


I U Count: 946


Box Office Hits:

Private Benjamin
For the weeks of November 9, November 16, November 23 & November 30, 1980
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Flash Gordon
For the week of December 7, 1980
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November 8, 1980 – December 13, 1980

So this is the first time we’ve hit a real hiccup in the distribution of the podcast. Phillip is in the middle of starting a new job and Mat has plans that will cause another missed week for the next episode. Even though this one’s late, at least we got it out to let you all know we’re still here. Enjoy!

This Week’s Thoughts

Wow, it’s been a hectic couple of weeks around here! Yes, I started a new job which means my life is in a bit of an upheaval as I try and get going on that along with moving my family to the Portland area. I’m actually going back to work for the trucking company I used to drive for but this time I am working as their Communications and Design Specialist. Basically I’m in charge of all the internal and external corporate communications. It’s a great job and an awesome opportunity. I’m sad to say it’s affecting our schedule and will continue to do so for the time being but I’ve got to get settled so I can continue to grow both professionally and personally. The upside of all this is that Mat and I will be able to record future episodes together like we did for this one, either in his house or mine, so no more Skype dropping chunks of audio! Other than that not much has changed. We expect to be back on a weekly schedule soon though so stay subscribed, we aren’t done with this thing yet. Enjoy!

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