73 And We’re Back!


I U Count: 960


Billboard Hot 100:

Kenny Rogers – Lady
For the week of December 20, 1980

Box Office Hits:

Stir Crazy
For the week of December 14, 1980
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Nine to Five
For the week of December 21, 1980
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December 14, 1980 – December 23, 1980

We’re Baaaaack! So after six weeks things have finally cleared up enough that we can get back to recording and producing this podcast. It’s really exciting for us because it means a return to doing something we love. We want to say “Thank You!” to all of you who have stood by patiently waiting. We really do appreciate all of you for sticking by us. In this episode Mom got a new camera. A Kodak Colorburst, it was kind of like a Polaroid and spit out pictures from the front.Things weren’t perfect between Mom and R either, she alludes to him mistreating us boys and it was bothering her. Other than that everything seemed okay, Mom spent time cleaning and partying with friends. Normal stuff that 22 year old girls do. Enjoy!

This Week’s Thoughts

First I want to apologize for how long it’s taken me to get back to doing the podcast. I really do love putting this thing out each week, I just haven’t had the time since I started my new job and moved. I have been doing a lot of travel trying to get things running right with the company and have finally gotten to a point where I don’t want to just collapse from work at the end of every day. Now it’s just MOST days! 🙂 I really like the new job though, it’s challenging and it’s in an industry I understand, plus I get to use my degree. The person you should really feel for is my wife. She’s had to put this new house together without a lot of help from me. This is usually something we would do together, but she’s had the kids helping her and things are coming together very nicely! Another great thing about the new job and the move is that Mat and I get to record in person instead of over Skype each week. And we get to do it in my employer’s recording studio. It’s not the greatest but it’s a lot better set up than two laptops and microphones. Anyway, I look forward to getting back into the groove of this and hope you’ll all bear with us if we run into another hiccup or two. Enjoy!

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