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Nine to Five
For the weeks of December 28, 1980, January 4, January 11, January 18, January 25, and February 1, 1981
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December 26, 1980 – February 7, 1981

We enjoyed Christmas 1980 and started 1981 with the mumps. Mom started looking for work because she felt bad that “R” was supporting us. Mat had his 5th birthday and a party at Happy Joe’s Pizza in Hermiston. We also spent time hanging out with friends while Mom and “R” got “loose”, as she put it. And “R” asked Mom an important question. Hmm, wonder what that could have been? We also spent time with family and Mom got to see The Outlaws and .38 Special live in Portland. We got a dog too, her name was Sissy.

This Week’s Thoughts

Okay, I’m a little late this week and for that I once again apologize. But, everything is out up and your free entertainment is here for your listening pleasure! So I never did figure out what Mat and I called that racetrack. I’m thinking we just called it the Tyco racetrack but I’m not positive on that. So Mom got to go to another concert around this time. I don’t remember The Outlaws, although after listening to a few of their songs on YouTube I have vague recollections of them. I do remember 38 Special though. Mom had several of their albums over the years and I recall listening to them a lot.


The other great news in this one was that Mom got a job! She’d been looking for a while and found one that really didn’t suit her but since it was money in her pocket she was happy. I don’t remember her working there though so I’m not sure how long it lasted, especially since it was cleaning. I think we all remember how well she handled that when she worked at the motel in Umatilla. It really does sound like a lot of cleaning. I have some memory of the place, we used to go visit “R’s” grandmother there. Mostly I remember feeling creeped out by all the people that lived there. My memory of it was one of really sad elderly people who seemed half-crazed because of the situation they were in. It wasn’t something I recognized at the time but they all seemed desperate for some kind of attention and when Mat and I went there they all seemed to kind of creep towards us. It was scary for a little kid. Anyway, here’s the drawing Mom included of the place:


Well, that’s about it for this week. I haven’t read ahead of where we ended so I’m not sure what will end up happening. I do know we’re getting coming up on some pretty historical events although I don’t know how much Mom wrote about them. She didn’t mention the end of the Iran Hostage Crisis (January 20, 1981) or the death of John Lennon on December 8th but I can see her mentioning President Reagan getting shot or the first Space Shuttle mission. I hope she mentions the start of MTV in August 81, because I remember that being a big deal in our house. But that’s looking into the “future” so we’ll all just have to wait and see. Enjoy!

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