75 Wedding Plans


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February 8, 1981 – February 23, 1981

Mom was working hard to help keep money coming in. She complained about it but she stuck it out! She was also planning her wedding and reception. Us boys went back to our school in time for us to take treats to the Valentine’s Day party. She also got taken out to a nice brunch and got flowers from “R”. In regards to the Journal she started writing her 800th page and starts talking about it in a more long-term basis and even (prophetically) tells us where it will be when she passes. Remember, this was over 30 years before she died.

This Week’s Thoughts

Hey, we made it on time this week! We really hope we haven’t put a lot of you off of listening with our long break. We’re getting back into the groove of things and getting these episodes out on schedule again. There was a fairly emotional part in this week’s episode for Mat and I when Mom was writing about what should happen to the Journal when she dies. What she said was more in line with what we’d been told growing up. After Mat mentioned he was sure Mom had said something to us, I remembered her talking about it in that same way. Now, I’m pretty sure my memory was later in life because I have an idea she said something to us about it when she transferred the first parts into the yellow binders they’re in now. That event didn’t happen until much later. But in the Journal this was the first time she talked about it this way. As something she’d hold onto until her death and then it would get passed on to me and Mat. I said in the blurb above that her statements were “prophetic” but now I’d like to amend that. Now I want to say that it was the beginning of the plan that we followed. None of us thought that these plans would take effect in only 30 years, we were all convinced it would be at least another 30+ years before this happened, but it is what it is and we’re succeeding in getting this Journal out to the world like Mom wanted. Well that’s it for this week. We hope you all keep listening. Enjoy!

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