76 Right Up Your (Bowling) Alley


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February 24, 1981 – March 16, 1981

Mom was still sick for a bit but ended up powering through it and going back to work. In the end it worked out for her and she got paid, plus her taxes came back! She was excited about that and even splurged on herself a bit but used most of it to pay bills. Maybe “R” was rubbing off on her. Some friends of hers moved back to the area so she was also excited to spend time with them. We also went bowling and Mom did pretty good. What Mom seemed to be most excited about though was taking her sister out for birthday, which she did and apparently had a blast.

This Week’s Thoughts

What sticks out most to me from this time was going bowling (hence the title). I remember going there the first time and being amazed at the game. I’m not much of a bowler now but I really wanted to be then. I liked the projector that put the scores up on the screen. I still like that part of going to a bowling alley, but playing the game has lost its luster since I broke my shoulder a few years ago. It just hurts too much. Ah injuries and aging, such a pleasure. I can say that the last time I bowled was actually at the same bowling alley in Hermiston. It hasn’t changed much. It has been upgraded with video scoring and people can’t smoke in there anymore but I swear you can still smell stale cigarettes in there. My kids got to enjoy the same bowling alley as kids too and I’m sure my grandparents went there at least once so I can say that four or five generations of my family have bowled there. As you’ll hear in the future Mat and I don’t have a lot of places that have that kind of family history in our lives. So to me something like that means something. We hope you’re all still enjoying this thing we do. If you’ve got questions or comments don’t hesitate to contact us or leave a comment below. Enjoy!

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